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Are we too aggressive, or just using the wrong word?

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For years now we’ve been hearing that the fire service is too aggressive with its fire attack and with how we operate on the fireground in general. That firefighters are concerned more with getting in faster and deeper and throwing caution to the wind. Some have even referred to it as “hero attack mode” or […]

“150 Years of Tradition Unimpeded by Progress”

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The Ultimate Insult! Okay, it was a funny moment in the movie Backdraft. The scene when Brian McCaffrey, aka Baby McCaffrey, and his probie buddy from the fire academy, Tim, are in the firehouse kitchen serving lunch and you see the sign up on the wall with the statement, “150 Years of Tradition Unimpeded by […]

The Best Job in the World!

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The fire service is a very special organization and one that is second to none. As a matter of fact, there are many in the private sector, many corporations, who wish they could model themselves after it. It has been said for years that there are Fortune 500 companies that would kill for the marketing […]