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  • Smithd895 says:

    I was very pleased to discover this website. I wanted to thank you for your time for this fantastic read!! kffefedgcddeebdd

  • Joe Mildenstein says:

    Chief Lasky,

    I once saw a video you had done for Fire engineering called ” Welcome to the fire service”. As a volunteer Firefighter/AEMT I took that video and ran with it, Just like you suggested in the video..” Take it and run with it”, and ” You can see your future leaders and officers”.. This actually set in and set in very well for me.. I am actually glad I came across that video and now your website.. Once in a while in my department you may get that person who has that chip on their shoulder and or the ” public owes me something”. I play that video for them.. Most if not all the time you can see an immediate turn around. I thank you for enlightening me and helping me grow in my career from your inspiring and truthful words.. I look forward to hearing and viewing more..

    Joe M.

    • Rick Lasky says:

      Hi Joe,

      Thanks for your kind words. That video is from the interviews we have with our new members on their first day. And it works! Sends the right message from the very start. I wish more had that talk with their new firefighters.

      Thanks again for the shout out. Hope we cross paths soon.

      Be safe brother!!

  • James Stephens says:

    Got to attend training with you at Oldham County, Ky. Great session, very useful info I have taken back to my department. Looking forward to training with you again.
    By the way, Pride and Ownership is one of our department’s watch words….thanks for reminding us who we are, why we are here, and why we should be proud of our vocation!

  • Keith says:

    I have been looking to purchase a copy of this audio book that I can download and listen to. Is yhere anywhere that I can dommthis or is it only available as a book or CD? The department I work for has been run into the ground through bitter industrial dispute and political interference. We are trying to dig our way out of a very deep hole and I am looking for inspiration in our traditions. This book sounds like a great place to start.

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